Cafe Avarle Black Healthy Coffee with Ganoderma and Cordyceps

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    (Ganoderma + Cordyceps + Coffee)

    20 Count Box 

    Café Avarle™ Black Healthy Coffee is an instant coffee based on gourmet exotic coffee beans blended with Ganoderma lucidum and Cordyceps mycelia mushroom extracts. The rich aroma from these carefully selected beans and the surprisingly fresh roasted flavor will put a smile on every coffee lover’s face. Feel free to add milk or sweetener to taste.

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    55 reviews for Cafe Avarle Black Healthy Coffee with Ganoderma and Cordyceps

    1. Bonnie Leason

      My husband only drinks the Gano Cafe’ Avarle’ coffee, he no longer drinks other coffee, he even orders hot water at cafe’s and makes his Gano there. we always order a few boxes at once so we don’t run out. I like the Gano 3 in 1 myself. Of course I like the cream in my coffee, so the Gano 3 in 1 works great for me.
      Thank you,

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    2. Sabrina Gerleman

      The tast is delicious, better then normal coffee and it gives you a different type of enery that lasts longer and feels better.

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    3. yolanda london

      I love this coffee it’s smooth rich taste feels like a blessing if you are a heavy coffee drinker. I also was having problems with my breast and caffeine but now almost a year later no problems thanks to the avarla

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    4. Trish Cornish

      A friend recently treated me to a cup of the Ganoderma coffee “Cafe Avarle”, and I was impressed with the taste and convenience of the single packets. I purchased my own stash of the gano coffee and love using it in smoothies and shakes. What a great taste and health benefits to boot. Great product! Only one thing I would like to see on the package which isamounts of Ganoderma lucidum in combination with the coffe itself. Also is the coffee an organic source?

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    5. Sabrina Gerleman

      Very good tast !! 🙂 The product arrived yesterday so I didn´t have time to see the health results yet.

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    6. Melinda Brooks

      I buy this for my husband — regular coffee reeks havoc on his tummy. This was recommended by a friend and we’ve been using it ever since. Wonderful.

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    7. Marilyn Hughes

      I have never been addicted to anything. Now at age 93 I have finally made it ! I start everyday with your black coffee. What would I do without it! Hooray for this addiction !! Janet Mayberry

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    8. Bonnie Leason

      My husband loves the black ganoderma coffee, he won’t drink regular coffee anymore.

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    9. Shelly Feidt

      I really was surprised how it taste like coffee.But not as strong as I’m use to,
      But good tasteing

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    10. joe daquino

      the coffee cafe avarle is good but im sorry i did not

      order what i always order 4 in 1 coffee.its more tasty.

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      I absolutely love this coffee. I cut regular coffee out of my diet months ago, but I do need one cup of black coffee every day or so, and this is the healthiest, tastiest option ive found. Not to mention, it boosts my mood quite a bit (thanks to the mushroom additive, I presume).
      It’s also super convenient; I can carry a sachet in my purse with me to work, restaurants, etc., and just add to hot water (i also like to add a bit of stevia to sweeten).

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    12. Michael Herkel

      I like this coffee because it has a smooth flavor, not harsh or bitter. I feel energized in a good way, not irritable. The 2 types of mushrooms I figure are better than one.
      I have used another brand sold through networking and this one tastes better to me. – MJH

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    13. Jerry Knapper

      Actually, this is Jerry’s wife Carol, writing this review about Cafe’ Avarle. I felt we could no longer afford Gano coffees, since we now live on social security, even though we really like them. My husband decided we “needed” them and he ordered his preferences and also Cafe’ Avarle black, which is new to us. He did mention something about it being good for the brain. I was very happy to have Gano coffee in the house again, as I’d missed it. About two weeks after I started having a packet of Cafe’ Avarle each day, I noticed that I seemed less prone to being depressed and I had more patience with every day life around me. I also felt up to taking on a couple of new projects. I mentioned to my husband that I thought the coffee was making me feel better mentally, and he just “grinned” and said, “I know”. I guess I wasn’t as cranky. I made sure he ordered more Cafe’ Avarle, so I wouldn’t run out, because the mental difference has been that great! Carol Knapper

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    14. Kathern Jackson

      Thank you very much for making a coffee that doesn’t leave you shaky, upsets your stomach and doesn’t give you a headache if you don’t drink it.

      This is one of the best tasting coffees yet! The fact that it has ganoderma in it, doesn’t effect the taste. I can use 1-2 cups of ganoderma coffee a day and feel rejuvenated.

      Thank you again,
      Kathern Jackson

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    15. Martha DeSouza

      I really like the Avarle coffee. I remember reading on line that someone found it bitter. I don’t find it bitter at all, on the contrary, it is very mild and the closest to ground coffee beans so far. My husband and I love it.

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    16. Dorina Almond

      I’m so glad I found this coffee, I really couldn’t handle the caffeine in regular coffee and I’m not a big fan of Decaf.
      This coffee makes me feel good and satisfies my desire for a nice hot cup of coffee. You won’t be disappointed when you buy this coffee………..two thumbs up:)

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    17. Linda Rendon

      My rating on this healthy coffee is EXCELLENT! I love this coffee and it gives me a lot of energy even if I didn’t sleep 7 hours. This is the most wonderful beverage I have ever had. Ganoderma is the most wonderful ingredient I have ever had. There is nothing like it. Please don’t every stop selling this. I love it.

      Thank you.

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    18. Maria Farquhar

      I like the coffee as it help me to function first thing in the morning.
      I am 71 years old and I still able to teach fitness classes. I am in good health

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    19. robert helmstetler

      Gret Coffee! love the flavor. Try it with almond milk instead of water and add stevia. You’ll never go back to ur ususal…

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