Cafe Avarle Black Healthy Coffee with Ganoderma and Cordyceps

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    (Ganoderma + Cordyceps + Coffee)

    20 Count Box 

    Café Avarle™ Black Healthy Coffee is an instant coffee based on gourmet exotic coffee beans blended with Ganoderma lucidum and Cordyceps mycelia mushroom extracts. The rich aroma from these carefully selected beans and the surprisingly fresh roasted flavor will put a smile on every coffee lover’s face. Feel free to add milk or sweetener to taste.

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    55 reviews for Cafe Avarle Black Healthy Coffee with Ganoderma and Cordyceps

    1. Alison Morrow

      This coffee was recommended to me by a friend. I do not like the traditional coffee taste and was told this tastes a little different and it’s a healthy coffee. I tried it and now do not prefer to drink any other type of coffee. This coffee provides the traditional ‘pick me up’ in the morning with no crash! Better yet, if I don’t drink it for a day, I do not experience the withdrawal headache. I absolutely love this coffee. I would recommend it to anyone. If you are a heavy coffee drinker and enjoy the taste, this will take some getting used to but if it’s a healthier version, why not?

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    2. judy Mitcham

      I have been using Cafe Avarle black coffee for a number of months and find it so convenient and enjoyable I wouldn’t switch to other coffee. I can have a second cup of delicious coffee in the morning without getting any of the jitters I often do with other coffees. I highly recommend Cafe Avarle!

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    3. deb bowton

      I must say that if you want a “bold” coffee, Café Avarle is the one for you! Very rich coffee. I prefer the Ganoderma 2 in 1, but there are just sometimes I want a stronger jolt. Café Avarle is the go-to then.

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    4. Linda Crawford

      I have been ordering this coffee from this site for at least 5 years. It is absolutely the first coffee I have ever been able to drink that doesn’t react in my stomach with painful gas – a result of the natural acidic nature of coffee. This coffee tastes great, doesn’t give me the overstimulated feel – or jitters – and my stomach loves it. I would recommend this coffee to anyone. At the very least, try just one box – then order a whole case. This company is wonderful and offers generous discounts to repeat customers.
      Two Thumbs up!!!

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    5. yolanda london

      Great coffee and great price. The only thing this time was it took forever to get it. It usually comes within a couple of days but this order was over a week and some days to arrive. This will not discourage me it buy from you guys, I will just have to remember and order a lot sooner when I see that I’m getting low.

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    6. Brenda Hamilton

      It was a good taste and did not leave the coffee taste in my mouth very smooth. Highly recomend it.
      No hiperness too.
      Thank You!

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    7. Everett Munn

      This coffee is one of the best tasting coffee i ever tasted plus it has health benifits. one of the few types of coffee that dont cause my acid reflux to act up.

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    8. Teresa Baumhoer

      This is THE BEST black coffee that Ganoderma sells!! It has a smooth taste but also has no after taste. Even though I would prefer it to come in a K-cup, I will keep buying this coffee because of the health advantages and the GREAT taste!

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    9. judy Mitcham

      I thoroughly enjoy this coffee. The taste is a bit different from regular coffee, yet I find it rich and pleasing. Knowing the health benefits I’m receiving when drinking this coffee, makes the experience even more satisfying.

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    10. Alicia Previn

      Café Avarle is my new daily drink and i find it very delicious. I want to drink more than one cup a day and even look forward to the morning as I go to bed! It is smooth and not bitter, and mixes well with honey and soy creamer which is how I personally like it. I asked about the second mushroom extract in it (cordyceps) and discovered that is good for the heart. As a woman over 40 I know this is a great extra benefit. Drinking the Ganoderma 3-in-1 is also good but this is a huge advance on health to have two mushroom benefits in one with Avarle.

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    11. Alicia Previn

      I love this coffee it is so smooth tasty and dances on my tongue. Having worked for a certain gourmet coffee corporation I know coffee flavor! I look forward to my every morning cup. I add some honey too. And its very good to my body. What more can you ask for?

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    12. Sharon Houck

      Nice smooth flavor I try to enjoy a more healthy product w/o the added sugars and cream, this is the one!

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    13. Ellen Smith

      I like to order Cafe Avarle because it is the best tasting mushroom coffee I have tried. It has caffine, but not the crash after a couple of hours. Single packets and my hot water dispenser make it really fast to have a one cup whenever I want. Delivery is always so fast that even if I run low it doesn’t take long to get a new supply. I am a regular customer and plan to be for a long time.

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    14. antonio gonzalez

      Really good taste and wonderful to increase your energy!!,we definetly love this coffee and entirely recomend this product.

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    15. Jennifer Zumbrink

      I love Cafe Avarle! I enjoy a cup every morning. It starts my day off on the right foot. I love the rich flavor and the fact that is contains healthy mushrooms! My experience with Gandoderma Coffee Company has be wonderful! I would recommend them to anyone!

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    16. Bonnie Leason

      The Gano Black coffee is great, that is all my husband drinks, knowing the mushrooms are excellent for health and he loves the taste and will not drink regular coffee anymore.

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    17. Rose Ramos

      This is one of the best instant coffee’s I have ever tried-the only other one that stands up to this one is the Ganoderma 2 in 1. Best Price of any I have researched and the Best Tasting-How could you go wrong!!!

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    18. Bonnie Leason

      Love the Gano coffee, the mushroom are very good for you and our order came very fast, thank you so much.
      Bonnie Leason

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    19. yolanda london

      Great coffee great price and great customer service

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    20. Sabrina Gerleman

      Thanks you for this product, it is great ! Tasts very good and make me feel energized and well the whole day.

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