Ganoderma 2-in-1 Black Coffee

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Our #1 Seller, the Ganoderma 2 in 1 black coffee has the highest content of ganoderma, 1550 mg per sachet.


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    If you like your coffee black and strong, you are sure to like the ganoderma 2-in-1 black coffee.

    Ganoderma 2-in-1 black coffee combines the great taste you have come to expect from a high end coffee beverage and the perfect blend of Ganoderma Lucidum.  Our Ganoderma black coffee has the highest content of ganoderma, 1550 mg per sachet. As a result, Our black coffee with ganoderma is our #1 selling product!

    Known also as “reishi mushroom” or in Chinese “ling zhi”, ganoderma is one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms. Ganoderma, often called the “Miraculous King of Herbs”, has over 2000 years of documented history. This includes over 400,000 web pages and third party documentation.

    Make sure to try a delicious box of our ganoderma 2 in 1 black coffee today!

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    Weight .32 lbs
    Dimensions 4.75 × 2.99 × 2.75 in


    Coffee, Ganoderma




    Aug 2022


    1550 mg of Ganoderma Lucidum Powder


    137.5 mg



    288 reviews for Ganoderma 2-in-1 Black Coffee

    1. gary kennedy

      Simply stated, I have had the flu every year that I can remember since 1965. Then had it twice a year since 1988 or thereabouts. I started drinking gano six years ago and haven’t had the flu again. This, I believe is no coincidence, so I have to give the credit to the product. The only negative factor is that when I did have the flu, I got a lot of reading done. I hold Gano responsible for my limited acadamia since then. Thanks for the good product.

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    2. James Enterline

      I prefer the Gano-enhanced coffees over the “other” brands for two main reasons. If I purchase the coffee by the box, its cheaper per cup. If I drink the gano-enhanced coffee, its way better for you than Starbucks!
      -Max Enterline

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    3. Linda Placella

      I love Ganoderma!
      I have been a “coffee snob” for most of my life, and recenlty had to quite the caffeine due to health reasons.
      My nutrionist introduced me to Gano and said it would not effect me the same way regular coffee does.
      At first I wasnt crazy about it, as I was used to Starbucks strong flavors. But after breaking my caffeine addiction, I turned to Gano with a new attitude and have been “hooked” ever since. With Gano, I do not have the highs and lows as I used to get from Starbucks nor any withdrawals or anxiety if I dont have a cup.
      For a change of pace and flavour, I also enjoy the Gano Mocha!
      Thanks for your product.
      signed, an adoring Gano fan!

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    4. Sheila Shaffer

      I love the Ganoderma coffee, for the taste, for the convience of it & for the health benefits. If I am getting close to running out I go into a panic till I have it ordered & on its way. It never ceases to amaze me just how fast it gets here. Sheila Shaffer

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    5. Jeri Jaquith

      This has been a Godsend! I have had mercury toxicity for many years (yes I had them removed but the toxin takes years to get out of your body). I wake up with very low energy and sometimes low in spirit too until I drink just 1/2 a pkg. in about 4 oz. of water. I feel transformed energy-wise and mentally/emotionally very positive. It works so well that I can’t yet drink the whole pkg. in a day as it detoxifies too much and I feel it the next day. For most people however, you could drink the whole pkg.—maybe just in 2 cups. This mushroom was so expensive in pill form at the store, I had never tried it before a friend gave me a sample of the ganoderma 2 in 1 coffee. It’s easy on the kidneys (the mushroom apparently buffers the acid) and the “buzz” is a healthy, long-lasting one—not like just coffee alone. I suspect it works synergistically with the coffee, which is also a great anti-oxidant if you don’t overdo it. I greatly value this product and highly recommend it!

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    6. Linda Rendon

      I can’t tell you how much I love this healthy coffee. It gives me a burst of energy every morning and throughout the day. I work 2 jobs and I need my Ganoderma 2-1 coffee beverage to give me extra energy. I recommend this healthy coffee to everyone who is a busy on-the-go person.

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    7. Clara Fowler

      I LOVE the coffee and plan to join the club by Nov as my funds are low at this time.

      I am telling others about this healthy coffee and will sample the other products as well and then build my customer list.

      Clara Fowler

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    8. trang nguyen

      This is good coffee for being instant and with ganoderma. You cannot tell that it contains anything else besides coffee. It’s rich and aromatic, best, quickest way to make coffee.

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    9. Judy Vukovich

      I was very skeptical about this product even though it was recommended by a friend. I was very surprised by the flavor which I enjoy very much. Then after about one week of drinking one cup a day my husband surprised me by saying that I seemed so content lately and not stressed when I came home from work. I thought it can’t be the mushrooms. I wasn’t able to drink the coffee for two days and then I was able to sit down and enjoy a cup and that’s when I noticed the difference. It just seem to make me calmer and to actually be pleased with myself. I also didn’t seemed to get so stressed. I don’t know if this is possible and if it really is the mushrooms but everyone in my family is going to get a starter pak for Christmas. Thank you.

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    10. Ildiko Puskas

      I really like this ganoderma coffee. It tastes just like regular coffee, but without the side effects. No jitters! I think I’m also more aware and clearer in my mind since I started drinking it.

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    11. yolanda london

      my kitchen is to small for a coffee maker so your coffee for me is just like having a coffee maker with the grinder and all. Taste great as for my health when i drink other coffee i had problems with my breast hurting with this coffee i have no pain at all.

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    12. Stacy Ison

      I like the 2n1 the taste is great I don’t dring regular coffee anymore. This has so many health values I think everyone should get on the gano morning boost…..My friend introduced it to me some time ago and I have been hooked ever since…..Love it

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    13. Isabelita Torres

      It’s the best ganocoffee i have used. I used 4 in one, for me the best option because included sugar and cremore. This is the same, but without that, anyway have strong taste. Others are not so strong and pure.

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    14. Brunilda Checo

      I love this coffee and help a lot i hope every body try they give me energy my hold body chage for good

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    15. Linda Placella

      this is my favorite of all the gano coffee’s.
      i was a starbuck brat for many years, and had to quit caffeine for health reasons. After a horrible detox from caffeine, this Gano product is my healhty choice to replace my sacred morning cup of coffee.

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    16. Alice Webb

      I love this coffee as is. I love this coffee even more “jazzed up” when the heat is around 100 degrees. I heat about 1/2 cup water, add two packets of Ganoderma coffee, two packets of Sweet and Low, some sugar free caramel ice cream topping and finish with Silk Lite Soy Milk. For summertime, this is a real treat. In the wintertime; however, I love the coffee simply brewed.

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    17. Lloyd Nelson

      Ganoderma 2-in-1 has become a favorite of mine. I have had trouble waking up in the morning. My wife drinks half-n-half coffee, which does not have enough caffeine to wake me up. Ganoderma 2-in-1 gives me the boost I need


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    18. Tracelia King-Beasley

      This coffee tastes great!!! I am in graduate school pursuing my Ph.D, and this coffee has helped me to have improved mental clarity when studying!!! Besides being more focused, I also have more energy when drinking this coffee!!! I love the fact that I don’t experience that ‘crash’ feeling that happens when drinking regular coffee!!! I don’t drink regular coffee anymore, because I have really noticed the difference since I have been drinking ganoderma coffee! I have lost 12 pounds, in the past 3 months, and didn’t even change my diet!!! There are times that my appetite is decreased, but I don’t even feel hungry the majority of the time! This is a great buyers choice to have on the shelf!!!

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    19. Wynona Banks

      This coffee is fantastic. I work a late shift and it gives a better boost than regular coffee. I especially like it because according to some of the reviews I’ve read, the caffeine in ganoderma coffee is lower than the regular black coffee. I received my product within the time frame as promised and plan to be a returning customer as well as tell others about discounted solutions swift business.

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    20. Evan Gwin

      Oh my Goodness…All I have to say is this coffee is outstanding. Please let me have more….Yum Yum

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