Ganoderma 2-in-1 Black Coffee

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Our #1 Seller, the Ganoderma 2 in 1 black coffee has the highest content of ganoderma, 1550 mg per sachet.


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    If you like your coffee black and strong, you are sure to like the ganoderma 2-in-1 black coffee.

    Ganoderma 2-in-1 black coffee combines the great taste you have come to expect from a high end coffee beverage and the perfect blend of Ganoderma Lucidum.  Our Ganoderma black coffee has the highest content of ganoderma, 1550 mg per sachet. As a result, Our black coffee with ganoderma is our #1 selling product!

    Known also as “reishi mushroom” or in Chinese “ling zhi”, ganoderma is one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms. Ganoderma, often called the “Miraculous King of Herbs”, has over 2000 years of documented history. This includes over 400,000 web pages and third party documentation.

    Make sure to try a delicious box of our ganoderma 2 in 1 black coffee today!

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    Weight .32 lbs
    Dimensions 4.75 × 2.99 × 2.75 in


    Coffee, Ganoderma




    Aug 2022


    1550 mg of Ganoderma Lucidum Powder


    137.5 mg



    288 reviews for Ganoderma 2-in-1 Black Coffee

    1. yolanda london

      Great coffee love the taste and healthier than other caffeine coffees

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    2. Barbara Demir

      Tastes good. Am sleeping better after just 5 days.

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    3. Alan Giardina

      GANODERMA COFFEE has been best addition to my morning, I suffer from sciatica, having this coffee in the morning offers me relief all day. I’m not a doctor but this coffee was recommend by a neighbor, when I run out I definitely notice a difference, the product is amazing and this company is fantastic.

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    4. Linda Rendon

      I have been ordering Ganoderma Coffee for a few years now. I order the 4 in 1 coffee that it so convenient to use. Just pour hot water and you are ready for a nice treat. Ganoderma coffee is really good for you it. It has a lot of good health benefits for you. It is much healthier than regular coffee. It gives you a lot of energy for the day. I cannot go without a day having my Ganoderma coffee.
      I will be ordering this for years to come.

      Thank you

      Linda Rendon
      Lawrenceville, GA

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    5. Sheila Shaffer

      I love the Ganoderma 2-1 coffee, I have been drinking it every morning for 10 to 15 years. It was given to me by a friend who sells it in her health food store. I believe it has helped with my immune system, because I rarely have a cold or get sick.

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    6. Terry Bales

      Been ordering these products awhile an they are my favorite go to coffee. Good service an worth the $.

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    7. Judy Edwards

      Recently I was at a women’s herbal conference and reishi mushrooms came up. I commented that I have been drinking Ganoderma 2 in 1 for over 8 years.

      This person said, “I bet you rarely get sick”.

      I never thought of that, but it was true. It just might be the reishi mushrooms drink that I have each morning.

      This company serves me well. Good price, good product, fast delivery.

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    8. yolanda london

      Best coffee ever especially if you have problems with caffeine these coffee offers a healthy option to still enjoy coffee

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    9. Betsy Bauer

      I loved buying from this company because of the super fast shipping, however shipping became slower and the price went up. So I started buying from Indiana. However, the product is a wonderful product. I love ganoderma coffee. Thank you

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    10. Eula Johnson

      This is the best tasting coffee I have ever had. I love it. It is awesome. It is healthy for you. Its just great.

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    11. Dawn Boll

      I have been drinking Ganoderma coffee product for several years now. I love the product and the health benefits. I have been ordering from this company for some time. The price is inexpensive compared to some, and orders are received in a timely manner. Knock on wood, I have only had one issue with one of my orders. Thank you!

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    12. Ilka Handshaw

      I LOVE my Gano coffee!!!:) Can’t wait to start my day w/it…:)
      It’s 1 of the rare things that ..CAN awaken me to start my day well…
      Thank you for providing it…:)

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    13. Pj Pittenger

      Love this 2 in 1 coffee. I used to drink another, and now this is my favorite. It is so smooth & tastes so good. Thank you Ganoderma.

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    14. Claudia Cano

      It gives more energy than regular coffee, and I don’t feel the horrible letdown on my mood and energy. Thus, my nervous system is not affected. I love the flavor of coffee and Ganoderma gives me that wonderful taste.
      I highly recommended!

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      Saludos! Muy contenta con mi compra. Gracias por este buen café saludable. Seguire comprando. Buen precio. Gracias.

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    16. Patricia Viescas

      We have been drinking the 2 in 1 coffee for the past two months. We have been enjoying the taste! We also love that we do not have the “jitters’ after consuming it! Super easy to take a packet to work….just add hot water! We love how quickly our order is shipped as well.

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    17. Matt Gilbert

      I’ve been drinking Ganoderma 2 in 1 Black Coffee for years now and have never grown tired of it. I like the taste, and the energy it gives me is never too intense or uneven — just a steady high note of alertness with no uncomfortable drop-off. I’ve compared it against one other product I’m aware of in this space and it is far superior. Go Gano!!

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    18. Pj Pittenger

      I Love Ganoderma coffee. It’s healthy, is smooth, tastes good & No bitter aftertaste. Give it a try!

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    19. shahid chanda


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    20. julie lindgren

      This is the BEST coffee!! Easy to order and fast delivery.

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