Ganoderma 4-in-1 Coffee

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We have the perfect blend of Ganoderma, coffee, sugar and non dairy creamer sure to tempt your taste buds. Our 4-in-1 coffee has 1260 mg of ganoderma lucidum per sachet.


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    If you take your black coffee with Cream and Sugar, our Ganoderma 4-in-1 Coffee is for you. Sure to please any crowd of coffee lovers.

    We have the perfect blend of Ganoderma, coffee, sugar and non dairy creamer sure to tempt your taste buds. Our 4-in-1 coffee has 1260 mg of ganoderma lucidum per sachet.

    Known also as “reishi mushroom” or in Chinese “ling zhi”, ganoderma is one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms. Ganoderma, often called the “Miraculous King of Herbs”, has over 2000 years of documented history including 400,000 web pages and third party documentation.

    Taste the rich, goodness of our Ganoderma 4-n-1 coffee with creamer today as you brew your first cup!  Sure to please any crowd of coffee lovers.

    Additional information

    Weight 1.15 lbs
    Dimensions 6.25 × 3.75 × 3.5 in


    Non-Dairy Creamer(Contains Milk Protein), Raw Cane Sugar, Coffee Powder, Ganoderma Powder



    Expire Date

    Feb 2022

    Ganoderma Content

    1260 mg of Ganoderma Lucidum Powder

    Caffeine Content

    80 mg

    Sugar Content

    9 g

    Calories Per Serving


    156 reviews for Ganoderma 4-in-1 Coffee

    1. Mona Kay Hill

      I bought this product a few years ago at a health fair & fell in love with it.. So glad I found it again, because I could not locate the lady that was selling it. It’s delicious & nice to know its good for you.. love it

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    2. Thelma Calvi

      I first heard about Ganoderma coffee at a Dr’s office in a little pamphlet in the waiting room. As I read how “wonderful it was!” and how “I’ve never felt better in my life!” I thought….”Yeah right.Here we go again..Another miracle product.”
      Well, I felt I had nothing to lose except $20.00 so I ordered the one with the sugar and creamer in it. I never liked instant coffee but this has a very nice flavor and I must be honest and say that I felt something. Something good.
      I am weaning off an antidepressant with my Dr’s approval and I have to say that I don’t think I could do it without the Ganoderma coffee. It relaxes me and gives me energy without that false caffeine feeling. I would definately recommend Ganoderma for everyone.
      Thank you
      Thelma Calvi

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    3. Emily Anderson

      I really do enjoy Ganoderma coffee, more than any other coffee I drink. It give’s me a boost of energy that last most of the day. I’m not jittery or anything and it taste so good.

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    4. Helen Realin

      My favorite coffee Not to sweet Since I have been drinking this coffee my sinus and allergy is 100% better. I don’t take any medication for this. My cholesterol has even gotten better I would highly recommend this.

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    5. madison rehschuh

      I have always drank coffee all my life and haven’t tasted a coffee like this. Its a rich textured ‘full bodied’ coffee that I enjoy every morning. Its a wonderful pick me up and I feel healthier drinking it. And not to be too forward, but it has also helped my anxiousness along with intestinal problems. Needless to say I don’t have those problems anymore. It isn’t the sweetest coffee drink but its just sweet enough to my satisfaction. This is a coffee ment to enjoy.

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    6. Bethzaida Crespo

      This is the only coffee I buy because is the best. Not only do I buy it for myself, I also buy and send to my family back home. My dad only drinks this coffee and no other.
      You won’t be desapointed when you purchase this coffee.

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    7. robin aguirre


      I am a young female with fibromyalgia. This product (ganoderma coffee) was recommended to me by friend. She happened to come across an article stating the good results from use of this product. I decided to try it and after about 2-3 days I could tell a difference. With fibromyalgia, I have severe fatigue but after using this product I have more stamina and can accomplish more during the day. My family has even noticed. I really do enjoy the coffee. I have recently switched to the 4-in-1 coffee with creamer. It tastes even better. It is smooth and creamy and is delicious. Thanks alot for this product.
      R.A., North Carolina

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    8. James Enterline

      Why drink Starbucks when you can drink a healthier coffee alternative and save money at the same time? I prefer the taste of your Ganoderma coffee over the “other” brands, and enjoy excellent, hardy and healthy coffee every day!

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    9. Lisa Schulz

      Thank you Evan for making ganodermacoffee available to me. I order for me and my friends and we absolutely love it!

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    10. Clayton Knight

      I have using the 4 in 1 Ganoderma coffee for a number of years now. In fact, I just received another 20 boxes. Why would I order so much? This coffee tasts better than any other I have ever had except for a few premium brewed products. For an instant coffee, it cannot be beeaten! I took some with me to visit my son in Colorado and though the packs got really ‘fat’ from expansion, they held up fine. Not one of them leaked powder. The temperatures were around ‘0’ F. there. I have taken them to Florida and Arizona in 100 degree + weather with no problems. The coffee is great by itself, or you can add a creamer to it. It is great either way. There is also an interesting side effect of Ganoderma, for me, that makes it a real treasure. I suffer from terrible migranes, and believe it or not, Ganoderma helps relieve them. It doesn’t take them away, but it sure makes them milder. Go figure. This is a great product, and no day goes by that I do not drink at least one cup. Really love the product!

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    11. James Whiddon

      I like the 2 in 1 black coffee. I make a pot of decaf coffee, very weak, and mix the ganoderma in my cup. It tastes very good
      and I’m hoping it will improve my health over time. Sometimes in the afternoon, I’ll just have the ganoderma 2 in 1 in boiling water. The taste is wonderful. I compare it to Starbucks.
      Sincerely, James

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    12. Julie Falvey

      I love the ganoderma 4 in 1 coffee it is a perfect blend of sugar and non dairy creamer with the coffee and reishi. I had to give up coffee due to the acid reflux it was giving me I only was drinking one cup a day and it was still too much acid for me. Then my friend turned me on to this coffee and I can drink coffee again! it doesn’t give me any acid reflux what so ever and it tastes great! So if you love coffee but it doesn’t love you try this one. This website is very easy to use and fast delivery it gives you many diffferent coffees to chose from give it a try you have nothing to lose but that acid reflux! Reishi mushrooms where my favorite already now it is my everyday coffee.

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      I like Ganoderma Coffee is excellent!!! and my friends like this Cafe too. It is easy to prepare and don’t need sugar non creamer, because already have those. I like the flavor is absolutely very good…uh!…uh!….uh!!!

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    14. Robin Jacobs

      The coffee is very good and smooth and it does not leave me with a burn feeling in my stomach. I highly advise everyone to get it a try, good coffee.

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      I ordered the Ganoderma coffee 4in1, I like this product its taste is very smooth and i dont have to add any cream nor sugar, which is convenient. The delivery time was good. I will be ordering this product again.

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    16. armando chavez

      This is the best gano coffee I’ve tasted. I’m recomending it to all my friends and relatives……..

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    17. alice lee

      this is the first time trying this type coffee which I like it very much but wish they have more coffee smell.

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    18. Richard Espinoza

      I like it alot. I switched from another coffee company in order to save some money. I found it to be very comparable. I like the taste and the ganoderma in it. It has helped me to control heart burn, stomach acid and indigestion. Feel 90% better. I will continue to use this product while saving money at the same time.

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    19. judy devlin

      I learned of your product from my daughter who also uses it. We both enjoy it very much. I received the product in a timely mannor and i am enjoying it every morning.
      thank you!

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    20. Lois Seals

      I love this coffee. It keeps me regular and my digestive system is much better.

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