Hoodia Coffee with Ganoderma

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    (Coffee + Ganoderma + Hoodia)

    20 Count Box

    An appetite suppressant. Instant Black Coffee with Hoodia and Ganoderma, specially formulated using high quality ganoderma, hoodia and our classic black coffee.

    For adult use only. If you have any medical or health issues, or are taking any medication, consult health care professional prior to use. Do not take if pregnant or in nursing care

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    21 reviews for Hoodia Coffee with Ganoderma

    1. Ellen Boyer

      Dear Ganoderma Family,I am a heavy coffee drinker so when I found that there was a coffee out there that was healthy for me,I was reluctant to try it.I ordered the Ganoderma Black coffee with Hoodia. It’s got an amazing flavor!Thank you for making coffee the healthy way! I am 55 years young with no health problems and therefore no medications needed,thank God.Keep up the great work keeping us healthy Gano Family,Ellen Boyer

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    2. Uriah Hayes

      The Ganoderma with Hoodia coffee tastes great and is very convenient. I took a box of this to work for the convenience. This tastes just like the non Hoodia version. I will continue to purchase from this site.

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    3. Irene Verrando

      This product help be slimmer, I recommended use it.
      Thanks for it.

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    4. Diane Lopez

      I love this blend of Ganoderma coffee better than the plain. For me, returning to school and working full-time, this blend gives me the energy I need for hours, plus the Hoodia helps keep my appetite under control. The cost, in comparison to other specialty coffees, is very low. I enjoy it either black or with some vanilla soy milk. Yummy! Enjoy!!!

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    5. Gail Thompson

      I was introduced to Ganoderma coffee while purchasing a home for a client! I started having a cup in the afternoons to give me energy for the remainder of the day as I work 12-15 hour days. I look forward to this delightful treat. I also put it on ice which is quite refreshing. I ordered the Hoodia product as I am familiar with this as my daughter runs Herbal Teas Intl and imports Hoodia for her clients. I gave some to a friend to try and she loves it. I will be ordering more in the future and share the product. I am so happy I met these delightful couple who introduced it to me on one of my adventures!

      Sincerely and Best,

      Gail Thompson

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    6. Marianne Chalmers-Talkovski

      I really enjoy this product for a variety of reasons:

      ~more energy
      ~less cravings for sugar
      ~appetite control

      But moreover, I typically feel a spike in energy when I drink coffee and then a crash as if I can sense my adrenals kicked out a ton of energy and then went kaputz. I don’t feel that AT ALL with this product. I recommend it, especially on the go. I travel frequently and it’s not hard to grab a cup of hot water and enjoy.

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    7. wendy-anne thompson

      Coffee is surprisingly good to taste.
      …..by the way mix coffee pkt in 1/2 cup hot milk and 1/2 cup hot water with honey to taste. Delicious!!

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    8. Carin Hall

      I tried the regular Ganoderma coffee without Hoodia, and like the taste and extra perk I got. Coffee doesn’t really do it for me any more, but Ganoderma gets me through the day without a crash. With Hoodia, my appetite at work (which is usually quite large) was significantly reduced. I usually overeat at my desk, but this coffee has definitely helped me change those habits.

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    9. sonia hall

      sence i drink ganoderma coffe, my joins don’t hurt my like when i used to drink regular coffe, i really recomend,it to try it, is soo good, that,i been sharing whit my friends,

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    10. Maria Morehead

      Would love more information on Hoodia but the product itself tastes good. Can’t find any extra info on your site. Thanks!

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    11. Thomas McCorquodale

      For all herbal lovers;
      I discovered the 2000 year old herbal coffee secret about three years ago while trying to find out about a natural remedy for my breathing problems.

      I found the Gano Coffee Company and discovered their products included a product that would help my “over-eating”problem. With no promise of any success I tried the Gano product with “Hoodia” in it and have found that if I take this Hoodia Ganoderma Coffee in the morning with a minimal healthy breakfast, I am all set for the day and have NO desires to over eat during the day. I have become more healthy and my breathing has become clear and allergy free.

      With the sport nutrition regimen I am taking and the Hoodia supplement Coffee I have achieved a more “fit” and healthy body.

      I highly recommend the Ganoderma Coffee product and I choose not to be without my Gano/Hoodia product as long as I am able to “sit up and take nurishment” !!!

      Thomas “Mac”

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    12. Ron A Morgan

      I have ordered several products for Ganocoffee. I enjoy the coffees, all of them. The Hoodia is my favorite. Plus, the custom service is great, orders are processed immediately and arrived perfectly packaged.

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    13. Mary Porter

      I’ve alternated this with another one mostly because this one doesn’t taste as good and I have to add milk and sugar. Still, although I’ve not really given it a chance to live up to claims, I’m going to continue using it.

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    14. Glen Hale

      Love it. it rely keep me going and curve my appatite

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    15. Rhonda Wudarczyk

      I drink 1 cup of this a day, it is a little bitter for my taste, but I am on a diet right now and am using it to help curb my appetite.

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    16. Jerry Knapper

      I ordered the Hoodia with the goal of helping control my appetite in the evenings when I sit down to relax for the night. Usually, when my butt hits the seat of my recliner, I feel like I need something to munch on and a beverage to go along with it, usually a soda. Normally I am a big eater and like buffetts usually going back about two times. I drank the first cup of Ganoderma Hoodia Coffee and noticed I was full after eating just one half of my first trip, that day. What is wonderful is that the help it gave me has extended and I am finding myself satisfied with less food. It is yet to be told whether I will lose weight, but I am satisfied so far with just the little Hoodia I have consumed.

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    17. Estella Flores

      I absolutely love this hoodia coffee. It’s effective in weight loss and it’s great tasting too. I am a devoted user of this coffee and believe me, it does control and surpress your appetite. It gives me long lasting energy throughout the day without the jitters and negative side effects of energy drinks can cause. Overall, I love this coffee =)

      Thank you, for providing excellent service to your customers.

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    18. Georgia Stevens

      I absolutely love your coffee. I have been drinking it for some time now, because a friend was kind enough to GIVE me a whole box of it to try.

      I have been drinking Ganoderma coffee ever since and if I run out before my order comes in, no other coffee measures up. I have recently tried the Hoodia version and love it even better.

      Georgia Stevens
      Springfield, Missouri

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    19. Amy Griffin

      I could definitely tell a difference in my appetite. I’m ordering several boxes!

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    20. joe daquino

      im very much interested. i hope i enjoy your product.

      if i do you have me for life .

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