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We are a Family owned and operated small business that began in October of 2006.  When GanodermaCoffee.com first opened, we began selling healthy coffee, tea and cocoa for a manufacturer out of Malaysia called Diamond Interest International.  Over the years, we have added two other coffee manufacturers: Cafe Avarle and Longreen.   In addition to our coffee line of products, we now sell personal care items, liquid vitamins, detox teas by Total Life Changes, and low sugar energy drinks.

Our Focus has always been to:Create a retail sales environment that offers our customers the best prices while providing outstanding customer service.  We are constantly trying to better assist our customers to keep costs as low as possible while making the ordering process as painless as possible.

Sure you can purchase most of the products we sell from another vendor, or through Ebay or Amazon, but when you support GanodermaCoffee.com, rest assured you are supporting a growing family of 4!  Your Business means the World to US! 

WE will make sure that you know that your satisfaction is our most important goal!

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Peanut in Training