Cafe Avarle Black Healthy Coffee with Ganoderma and Cordyceps

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    (Ganoderma + Cordyceps + Coffee)

    20 Count Box 

    Café Avarle™ Black Healthy Coffee is an instant coffee based on gourmet exotic coffee beans blended with Ganoderma lucidum and Cordyceps mycelia mushroom extracts. The rich aroma from these carefully selected beans and the surprisingly fresh roasted flavor will put a smile on every coffee lover’s face. Feel free to add milk or sweetener to taste.

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    55 reviews for Cafe Avarle Black Healthy Coffee with Ganoderma and Cordyceps

    1. Bonnie Leason

      usMinnesota, United States


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    2. Kenneth Goodman

      Very good coffee, I have a cup every morning, been drinking it for years!!

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    3. Dorin Nadrau

      There are five years now since I started to drink this coffee. It became addictive and I feel very well – indeed it puts a smile on my face every morning, as it says in the description of the Café Avarle™ Black Healthy Coffee. Also, I enjoy very much the Ganoderma 2-in-1 coffee. The little packets are perfect for traveling. Highly recommend them all.

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    4. Michele DeCant

      I am glad I was introduced to this healthy coffee. Enjoy the flavor and not acidity.

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    5. Erma McAdory

      I am a Ganoderma Coffee customer and have been ordering from this supplier for almost two years. The quality of the coffee is consistently excellent, and the shipments are always very timely. It’s great having a reliable source for a product that I have grown to love and enjoy.

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    6. Alex Broders

      Love this stuff! I drink 2 or 3 packets every day. Prefer it over my chemex brewed stuff. Can drink it black and get no problems with acidity. Nice good caffeine kick as well.

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    7. Uschi Niederhauser

      I have ordered the Cafe Avarle Black packets for some time and i really love it! Compared to other instant brands, this one has a distinctive and smooth taste ,that i would not want to miss any time! The service and prompt shipping is great too! I look forward to my coffee pleasure every day! Compared to other instant coffees, it has a distinctive and smooth taste

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    8. jackie watson

      We love the taste of your coffee. And we love how much better we feel well drinking it. I love to have a cup of coffee before bed and this coffee will not keep you up like regular coffee. Thankyou.

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    9. irene tiburcio

      If your coffee is too acidic for you, try the Cafe Averle w/Cordycep. Awesome taste and healthy for you as an added bonus. The hot chocalate is really really good as well. You won’t be disappointed!

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    10. irene tiburcio

      Thank you for making this product! For anyone that has been diagnosed with bladder conditions such as IC or PBS or GERD it does not adversly affect these conditions in my case. The additional benefit of the Ganoderma and Cordycep mushrooms is an added health benefit as well. Please keep making Cafe Avarle!

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    11. Kathryn Hoyt

      I cannot think of a more tastier way to combat illness than to drink the Cafe’ Avarle Healthy Coffee with Ganoderma Mushrooms and Cordyceps. Both are frequently written about regarding how the ingredients may help.

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    12. judy Mitcham

      I have been using Cafe Avarle for a year. It was actually recommended by a medical doctor. At first I had to get use to a slightly different taste from regular coffee. However, now, I refuse regular coffee and only drink Cafe Avarle. I love it’s taste as well as how I don’t ever experience any “jitters” from drinking it. I highly recommend Cafe Avarle.

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    13. judy Mitcham

      My doctor recommend coffee with mushrooms for health support. I tried other instant, as well as whole bean, coffees with mushrooms but have found Cafe Avarle to be my favorite. Another plus is it’s affordability over other brands. With my own favorite cream, it has a smooth and delicious taste. It never produces an excited or jittery sensation as regular coffee has done in the past for me. It is a wonderful start to my day!

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    14. Cara Casto

      Wonderful service! Very quick delivery! Thank you!

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    15. Kathryn Hoyt

      I have been searching for a Ganoderma coffee to replace the one I used to order, but had no idea that I would actually find the exact same product during my search! Here it is! Cafe Avarle has the Ganoderma Mushroom that I desire, but also the Cordeceps I thought I would never find again! I am thrilled – to say the least and will be ordering it as needed.

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